Credit Life and Accident & Health Insurance

Credit Life and Accident & Health Insurance

Give yourself and your family the peace of mind and protection you deserve when you insure your loan against the unexpected.

In the event you should pass away or become disabled, the financial commitment you made on your loan still remains, and that's why Credit Insurance is here.

It will relieve you and your family of the burden of unpaid debt. Rest secure knowing you're protecting your most important assets and your ability to earn income. Don't let this opportunity pass, sign up today.

  • No medical exam is required
  • Not restricted to non-smokers or by occupation
  • All qualified ages (18 - 70) receive the same rate
  • Offers immediate protection. Once approved, coverage is effective as soon as your loan is signed
  • It's easy and convenient because your premium is included in your monthly payment
  • Benefits are not taxable
  • If you pay off your loan early, you will receive a refund of your unused premium

When you are totally disabled due to a covered illness or injury, your credit health & accident insurance will make your monthly payments for you. Benefits continue until your doctor releases you from total disability or you return to work.

Credit insurance products are:

  • NOT FDIC insured.
  • NOT a deposit to or obligation of Coastal Commerce Bank.
  • NOT insured by any federal government agency.
  • NOT guaranteed by Coastal Commerce Bank.