Board of Directors

  • Mark Folse

    "Our strategy has been focused on growth, but never losing sight of the customer responsiveness and flexibility that separates us from the competition."

    Mark Folse
    President & CEO,
    Coastal Commerce Bank

  • J. J. Buquet, III

    "While we are a community bank, we're anything but small town. Our progressive philosophy and committment to technology allows us to offer our customers the latest in banking services. Not a lot of banks our size are able to say that."

    J. J. Buquet, III
    President, Buquet Distributing
    Company, Inc.

  • L. J. Folse

    "CCB has a passion for delivering service and for doing it right the first time. We have put together a staff that is second to none, committed to finding solutions and producing results."

    L. J. Folse
    Director Emeritus

  • Kenny Wood, Sr.

    "This bank is great because of its people. Our quick response has been a great selling tool. Our personal attention is second to none."

    Kenny Wood, Sr.
    CEO, K&B Machine Works

  • Jacob Giardina, Jr.

    "Our bankers and Board of Directors are experienced business professionals with extensive knowledge of the local market. Whether starting a new business, expanding a current business or seeking a more personal relationship, Coastal Commerce offers the flexibility and personal attention needed to be successful."

    Jacob Giardina, Jr.
    President, Honiron Corporation

  • Toby Brady

    "Outstanding banking is understanding and meeting the needs and diversity of current and future customers. Here at Coastal Commerce Bank we pride ourselves on building relationships and providing superior customer service. The foundation of our bank is built one relationship at a time and we take pride in nurturing each relationship with exceptional customer service."

    Toby Brady
    President, Louisiana Capital Group

  • Vernon Johnson

    "Banking is a people business. Our bank is very fortunate to have an exceptionally talented group of leaders that believe that serving our customer's financial needs contributes to the economic development of our area. We want to be part of your success story."

    Vernon Johnson

  • Glen Bertrand

    "Our commitment to community banking is what sets us apart from other banks. That means that we see our customers as relationships and not transactions. They come to us to help them fulfill their dreams for themselves personally as well as for their businesses. We are sensitive to that."

    Glen Bertrand

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